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Date: 26 octobre 2014

Malgré un mandat difficile, marqué par un important mouvement de contestation populaire, la présidente sortante du Brésil, Dilma Rousseff, est réélue le 26 octobre 2014 avec 51,6 % des votes. Elle devance son adversaire, Aecio Neves du Parti social démocratique brésilien (PSDB), qui obtient pour sa part 48,4 % des voix. Dans son discours de la victoire, la présidente réélue parle de l'importance de l'unité au sein de la nation et des mesures économiques qu'elle envisage d'adopter.

Sélection et mise en page par l'équipe de Perspective monde

My dear friends, we have reached the end of a campaign that mobilised all the forces of our country. As the winner of these historical elections I have words of thanks and solidarity, for my Vice President Michel Temer, for the political parties and their militants, who sustained our alliance and were decisive in our victory. I thank each and every member of this combative militancy that was the soul, the force of this victory. And I thank without exception each and every Brazilian. I thank, from the bottom of my heart, militant number one for the causes and for the people and of Brazil, President Lula.

I call without exception on all Brazilians to unite in favour of the future of our country and of our people. I do not believe, sincerely, form the bottom of my heart, I do not believe that this election has divided the country in two. I understand that it mobilised ideas and emotions that at times were contradictory but were inspired by a common sentiment: the search for a better future for our country. Rather than amplifying differences between us, I have great hope that this mobilising energy has prepared the ground for the building of bridges. The heat liberated in this dispute must be transformed into constructive energy for a new future for Brazil. With the force of this mobilising energy, it is possible to find points of agreement and build on them on the basis of understanding to allow our country to advance.

Sometimes in history, close election results lead to stronger and quicker changes than do victories by a wide margin. That is my hope, or rather, my certainty of what will happen now in Brazil: that the debate of ideas, the shock of contrary positions may create spaces of agreement, able to move our society forward along the lines of change.

My first words are therefore to call for unity. In mature democracies, unity does not mean necessarily unity of ideas, nor does it mean monolithic action as one. Rather, it presupposes openness and disposition for dialogue. This president before you is open to dialogue, and this is my first commitment for my second mandate: dialogue.

My friends, every election has to be seen as a peaceful and secure form of change for a country. Every election is a form of change, principally for us who live in one of the largest democracies in the world.

When a re-election takes place, it should be understood as a vote of hope given by the people for a better government. I know this is what the people say when they re-elect a leader. This is what I have heard from the polls, and I intend to be a much better president than I have been so far. I want to be a better person [chants of 'brave heart'] I want to be an even better person than I have tried so hard to be.

This feeling of betterment should not only influence the government and me but all the nation. The road is very clear. A few words and themes dominated this campaign. The word most repeated, most spoken, most dominant was "change". The theme most widely evoked was reform. I know I am being sent back to the presidency in order to make the big changes that Brazilian society demands.

As far as my force, my role and my power can reach, you can be sure, I am ready to answer that calling. I know that this feeling comes from the depths of the Brazilian soul, I know the limitations on any president, and I know also the power that any president has to lead a great popular cause, and I will do it. My disposition...my most profound disposition is to lead in the most peaceful way - please everyone, I can't shout any more - my most profound disposition is to lead, in the most peaceful and democratic way, this moment of transformation. I am ready to open a great space for dialogue with all sectors of society, to find the quickest solutions for our problems.

My friends here present and all who are hearing us, and all the Brazilian people, among these reforms, the first and most important must be political reform.

My commitment, as was clear throughout the campaign, is to bring about this reform, which is the constitutional responsibility of Congress and which should mobilise the people in a plebiscite, in popular consultation. Through the use of this instrument, of this plebiscite, we will obtain the force and legitimacy demanded in this moment of transformation to take forward political reform. I intend to discuss this theme deeply with the new Congress and all the Brazilian population and I am sure there will be interest in all the sectors of Congress, of society, of all the forces active in our society to open a discussion and deliver concrete measures.

When I mention political reform, it doesn't mean that I don't know the importance of other reforms. Reforms that we have the obligation to push forwards. I will have a rigorous commitment to fighting corruption, strengthening the institutions of control and proposing changes to the law to do away with impunity, which is the protector of corruption. During the campaign I announced measures that will be very important for Brazilian society and for all, to confront corruption and end impunity.

I will take urgent action specifically on the economy to allow us to resume our rhythm of growth, to continue guaranteeing high levels of employment and ensuring increases in salaries. We will give more impulse to economic activity in all sectors, especially in industry. I want the partnership of all sectors, of all productive and financial areas in this task, which is the responsibility of all us Brazilians.

I will continue to fight inflation with rigour and to advance in the area of fiscal responsibility. I will encourage as quickly as possible dialogue and partnership with all the productive forces of the country. Even before the beginning of my next mandate I will proceed in this task. More than ever, it is time for each and every one of us to believe in Brazil, to deepen our feelings of faith in this incredible nation to which we have the privilege to belong, and to deepen our responsibility to make it more and more prosperous and just.

This Brazil, our dear country, has emerged better form this dispute and I know the responsibility that weighs on my shoulders. We will continue to build a better Brazil, more inclusive, more modern, more productive, a country of solidarity and of opportunities. A Brazil that values work and entrepreneurial energy, a Brazil that cares for its people with a special eye for women, blacks and the young, a Brazil more and more concerned with education, with culture, with science and innovation. Let us join hands and advance on this journey, which will help us build the present and the future.

The warmth, affection, love and support that I received during this campaign give me the energy to go ahead with much more dedication. Today, I am much stronger, more serene, more mature and more ready for the task you have delegated to me.

Brazil, once again, this your daughter will not shirk from the battle. Long live Brazil, long live the Brazilian people.

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